A Desolate Experience

The more I branch out to explore this world, the more and more I am blown away by its vast beauty. Looking around and being in awe by its intricacies, I am reminded that I have just this one life to drink in all it has to give me. I can either choose to be weighed down by life's hardships, or choose to push onward and find the hope in all things.

This adventure was a weekend spent exploring Death Valley National Park. This park is one you casually hear about. You assume its like any other desert experience you may have encountered before, until you arrive and realize its much more than just sand and rock.

This park provides a variety of mind boggling exploration. Our first hike was one looking for a hidden oasis; the last thing you would expect to find in a place called Death Valley! Moving on, we found ourselves exploring canyons that provided a variety of geological finds, and then ended with the vast salt fields that the valley is known for. 

It ended up being a great weekend spent away from the city, experiencing something knew, and enjoying an unlikely park for the first time!

Sometimes I Shoot Weddings...

So I know its been a long while since my last post (what can I say, life has been crazy!), and  I thought I would share one of my latest projects. 

Some dear friends of mine tied the knot this past March and honored me in asking for my help in capturing their day. I hope you enjoy perusing my favorites!

Samaritans Feet: Rescue Mission Outreach

A couple months ago I had the honor of being introduced to a ministry called MISSIONfocused. Since then, I have been asked to join the team and tag along to some of the local outreaches they work with. This last weekend, the San Diego Rescue Mission asked us to come down and capture their Samaritans Feet: A Foot Washing Event. I was so honored to be included that I just had to share some of the snaps I managed to snag.

With this share, I must admit the challenges that came along with it. These sort of events have allowed me to push myself, causing me to go outside of my normal level of photography. The only way to improve as a photographer is to continually put yourself out there, allowing you to grow in your craft. It is in human nature to doubt ones abilities, only ever seeing the imperfection of what you have accomplished. For me, this is one of those accomplishments. So I share it with you. I share the few hidden gems that I feel I managed to capture, while hoping, that although I may not see a lot of gems, you might just appreciate them anyway. 

Girls, Fashion, & A Music Hall

Sometimes you need to attempt being girly and rope your friends into a photo shoot. We were headed back to San Diego after a night of roller coaster fun, and I was determined to see parts of Las Angeles. It was my first real opportunity to "play" tourist for a day, and I had set out to make an adventure of it. Little did I know that exhaustion, weather, and traffic had other plans for us. The day was cut short and we managed to get one real stop in. After many failed attempts at some LA sights, we managed to scope out the Walt Disney Music Hall. This is a small collection at our attempt to be fashion forward. Occasionally I even get some new self-portraits out of it!