Sneak Peek into "The Heart of a Woman"

I have recently started a passion project that I am extremely excited to announce. This project has been created in hope to bring to light the diverse but similar stories of the heart of women. This collaboration will span over the next 4-6 months and is intended to capture the unique stories that many will be able to relate to. This project will incorporate each participants heart in their own words, and then be paired with my own hearts response. My hearts response will be a combination of writings to reflect what I've heard from these women, and then paired through images captured, reflecting their story. The hope for the end of the project, will be to unveil excerpts of each story with a showing, and quite possibly a book!

This is a sneak peek into one of the first hearts shared with me. It is my privilege to introduce you to Mary Lacy! 

"There was nothing to hide from Him.  When He looked at her, He saw both the innocence of a child and the maturity of a woman.  She wasn’t just a strong woman to Him. He saw the fragility of her heart, needing comfort, needing safety, needing trust.   “I hold Your trust as sacred and I will not let you down.  I will remain faithful to your heart.  To you, forever, I choose.  My faithfulness is YOUR portion.  Where others have let you down, I will remain.  Steadfast and unchanging.  Unswerving in my commitment to you…” Excerpt from Mary